University of Nottingham B.Sc. Graduates in Chemistry in 1965


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Eric Bromage and Howard Flack remember a man who contracted a skin allergy to a chemical in the first year. His hands and another very sensitive part of his body were afflicted. He was a very keen bell ringer. We do not find his name in the list of people. We think he was called Dick Brown. Who knows? Please inform the webmaster.

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John Edward Aldrich                      [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [P2002]
Gerald Richard Allen                     [A: Alumni]   [P2015]
John Atherton                            [A: Webmaster, Chris Brimelow]
Robert John Baker                        [A: Alumni]  [P2002]
Arthur Derek Barford                     [A: Lost]
David Michael Beagarie                   [A: Alumni]
John Bentham                             [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [Work] [Note] [P1966]
Richard James Cox Biggin                 [A: Tony Cordery, Alumni]    
Alan Howson Bostock                      [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [P1965, P2002] 
Christopher John Burton Brimelow         [A: Webmaster]  [Note] [P2002]
Eric Leslie Bromage                      [A: Lost]  [Note]   [P1965]
Diane Elaine Brown       (née Hatton)    [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [Note]  [P1965, P2002] 
Michael Burke                            [A: Lost]
Peter Carty                              [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [Note] [P2002, P2015] 
Brian Edward Copebrook                   [A: Lost]
Anthony Alexander Cordery                [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [Note] [P2009]
Frank Harold Cottee                      [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [Note] [P2002]
Colin John Cribb                         [A: Alumni]  [Note]
Laurence Raymond Croft                   [A: Tony Cordery, Alumni]
Sally Elizabeth Crooks                   deceased August 1990 [P1965] 
Brian Davies                             deceased ~1998  
Reginald Davis                           [A: Webmaster, Alumni] [P2015]
John Edward Devonshire                   [A: Webmaster]  [Note] [P2005, P2015]
Caroline Julie Durham    (née Laycock)   [A: Alumni] 
Peter Evans                              deceased ~1999
Pauline Anne Fatayerji   (née Richardson)[A: Webmaster, Joyce Leedham, Alumni]
Richard John Fereday                     [A: Webmaster, Alumni] [P2015]
Howard David Flack                       [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [Note]  [Work, Home] [P1965, P2002, P2009] 
John Charles Fiddy                       [A: Webmaster] [Note] [P1975, P2009a, P2009b]
Graham John Fidler                       deceased 2008  [Note]
David Anthony Goodman                    [A: Lost]
Godfrey George Graver                    [A: Alumni]  [Note]
Monica Joyce Ann Graver                  [A: Lost]
Douglas Hartley                          [A: Peter Hubberstey] [P2004]
Ann Harwood              (née Kellaway)  [A: Lost] [P1966] 
David John Hazeldine                     [A: Webmaster, Peter Hubberstey]
Malcolm Hirst                            [A: Lost] [P1965] 
Stuart Tyldesley Hosfield                [A: Webmaster, Alumni] [P1965, P2015] 
Peter Hubberstey                         [A: Webmaster, Alumni]  [P1966, P2004] 
Patricia Jane Hughes                     [A: Lost]  
Sandra Ann Ingham                        [A: Lost]   
John Alfred Johnson                      [A: Alumni]
John Glyn Jones                          [A: Lost]
Peter Kendall                            [A: Lost]  
Joyce Margaret Leedham   (née Boon)      [A: Webmaster, Alumni] [P2015]
David Malcolm MacMahon                   [A: Alumni]  [Note] [P2002] 
Clive Sydney Morris                      [A: Lost]
Brian Michael Palmer                     [A: Alumni] 
Patricia Jill Parker                     [A: Webmaster]   [Note]
Roger Neville Pocock                     [A: Alumni]
Brian Terence Redman                     [A: Alumni]
Charles Leonard Richard                  [A: Lost]
Ian Gordon Murray Riley                  [A: Lost]
Alan Hugh Robertshaw                     [A: Chris Brimelow]
Michael Leonard Rogers                   [A: Lost]
Brian Rossall                            [A: Webmaster] [Note]  [P2003, P2015]
Gail Rudge               (née Johnson)   [A: Alumni]
Michael Keith Sanders                    [A: Alumni]
Alan Harry Sheppard                      [A: Bob Baker, Alumni]
Jeremy Stephen Short                     [A: Lost]
Kathleen Taylor          (née Caryer)    deceased October 1980 [Note] [P1966] 
Peter Charles Thompson                   [A: Lost]
Sheila Ann Tippett       (née Timson)    deceased 2009 [Note] [P2002] 
William Tippett                          deceased 25th September 2014  [P2002] 
Roger James Tolman                       [A: Lost]
Michael Arthur John Wilks                [A: Lost]
Michael Woods                            [A: Lost] [P1965] 
Diana Geraldine Wooldridge               [A: Lost]
Eveline Bradley Wright   (née Seddon)    deceased ~2001 [P1965] 
Peter Wright                             [A: Webmaster]  [P1964, P2002] 
Robert Anthony Wright                    [A: Lost]

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Second-year 1963-1964

Stanage Edge, nr. Hathersage, 23rd May 1964

Third-year 1964-1965

Sally Crooks 21st Birthday Party in FN

Graduation Day 1965



May 2002

Saturday 15th June 2002

The Victoria, Beeston

The East Midlands Conference Centre

The Dinner and the Hop

Sunday 16th June 2002

Walking in the Peak District

Monday 17th June 2002

Views of the City of Nottingham

August 2002

July 2003

7th March 2004


16th September 2009

October 2009

10th October 2015 - 50th Golden Anniversary of graduation

11th October 2015

[ Notices, People, Photographs, What's New ]

What's New

[ Notices, People, Photographs, What's New ]